The Barsen House Inn

Introduction to Food: At Barsen house Inn.

Barsen House Inn dishes. 

Barsen House Inn is a bed & breakfast located near the shores of Lake Champlain. Organic gardens, full breakfast and 3 guest rooms make up this custom build Inn.

Philippine Cuisine is yet to go mainstream at the Barsen house Inn. Having only a few Filipino Restaurants in US, makes it feel like finding a needle in a haystack! Most people who know about Filipino food are those who have been to a Filipino house or party where every event is a feast!

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If this is your first time to attend a cooking picnic. All you need to do is turn up! Ingredients will be ready for you to prepare. You will be thought how to cook step by step. When you finish cooking you can eat what you cook or you may take it home with you to share & impress your friends and family. So dont forget to bring your take away boxes!

~Sample Menu~
Longganisa Hamonado – a sweet Filipino pork sausage
Kinilaw – Raw tuna cooked in vinegar
Adobo – different to the Spanish adobo, this is a national dish to Filipinos with basic common ingredients of soy sauce, vinegar and garlic……

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