The Best Sauna for Home 2022

Visiting a sauna will not only increase your blood flow but also help to keep your skin clean. A gym will relieve stress in your body and at the same time, help in weight loss. If you just moved into a new city with your family or revisit an unfamiliar city, getting the right place for your sauna experience can be a bit tricky. This post helps you find the best sauna for home.

Fitness Gyms & Health Saunas

Do you love to enjoy your exercise with a cold shower and sauna? A club with fitness gyms and health saunas is the right place for you to visit. There is a lot of fitness club and health with sauna on-site. Meanwhile, these clubs often require you to be a member with a monthly membership fee. This might be too costly for you, especially if you are only interested in the cool bath and relaxation.

You should look for gyms with saunas that allow you to pay daily anytime you make use of their gym and the sauna. Alternatively, you can register for the popular American Health and Fitness program, commonly referred to as the “Fitness Passbook.” This passbook allows you to use some gyms for a full week or, better yet, for a day. You only have to pay about $75 a year with this Fitness Passbook and have access to hundreds of thousands of these gyms.

Unfortunately, you can only enjoy using this passbook in Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. So, if you are not in any of these cities, you can look for other schemes such as Blue365, Classpass, among others. Luckily, your city might accept these schemes!

Day Spas with Saunas

If you are in search of clubs that offer you daily spas alongside health fitness, there are a lot of centers you would love to visit. Unlike other services, the regular spas do not require you to register as a member or pay monthly fees. They are perfect for users who are in search of a sauna that offers a one-off visit.

The price for these daily spas with saunas ranges from $20 to $30 a day. Groupon is a club with spas and saunas that you would love to visit. You can enjoy a refreshing bath and relaxation with a fitness gym as low as $20.

If you are a lover of spas with over $100 spent, there are chances of getting a free sauna. People who often purchase a lot of spa treatment also enjoy this offer.

YMCA Saunas

YMCA sauna is one of the most popular centers in the US that offers you a wide range of activities for relaxation. This club has its centers in over 2,700 clubs across the United States. Although you don’t have to register as a member of this club to enjoy their services, being a member allows you to access many activities and classes. If you want a sauna that offers you daily spas services, this center is an excellent option for you.

The day-passes are less expensive, and you would enjoy activities such as exercise classes, pools, Free wife, and sauna at about $10 or less. Meanwhile, if you are going to relax at the center with your family, you will only need to pay about $16 for a family pass. To join this club, you only need to pay a $25 youth fee per youth and a $60 fee for adults.

Korean Saunas

Another sauna center you can visit is the Korean sauna. Although these clubs are not as developed as their west counterparts, they are already starting to catch up with these developed centers. Unlike the west sauna, the Korean sauna is less expensive. You will only have to pay about $25 to register as a member.

These clubs are always available 24 hours to give you special treatment whenever you need one. Korean saunas allow you to enjoy a lot of treatments that range from ice cold plunges, float pods, massages, and Korean restaurants.

However, it is important to know that you only take your bath naked in Korean saunas. It is believed by them that to get naked is the most hygienic method to enjoy the comfort and aesthetics of the sauna. These saunas centers in Korea are used by businessmen who are looking for a perfect place to rest after drinking a lot of beers all night.

Hotels with Saunas

If you are a lover of saunas with spas and health fitness looking for a luxury center to relax, hotels with saunas are the best place for you to visit. Since only a little percentage of hotels in most cities have saunas, these centers give you a memorable spa and sauna experience for life.

The price of their services can be as high at about $100 at its lowest. When compared to a bathhouse or public gym, hotel saunas help you relax after a long seminar period or a long journey. You can also enjoy a blissful night rest in these sauna centers after drinking a lot of beer.

Russian Bath Houses

The Russian bathhouses, which are also known as Banyo, are lively places to enjoy different spas and saunas experience. Besides a cool bath and relaxation, these bathhouses also offer you cultural experience right in your city. What makes these clubs unique is that their services are less expensive, and you are sure to enjoy a lot of experiences at these bathhouses.

Some of these bathhouses have been in existence for over 100 years. Unlike other bathhouses, a Russian bathhouse uses oak twigs or birch to give you a popular massage known as “Vernik.” This massage helps to improve your metabolism at the same time, opens your pores.

These bathhouses do not pay more attention to heat than other houses do. They believe the steam quality is essential than heat. By throwing water over hot rocks, these streams are created. This process is aimed at making you breathe easily in this steam.

Types of Sauna

There are three wide varieties of the sauna which are wet, dry, and infrared.

Wet Sauna

For wet sauna, steam is made using water. The water is thrown over the hot rocks to make it easier for you to breathe in it. During this bath, the humidity is created when the water evaporates.

Dry Saunas

Unlike wet saunas, dry saunas do not make use of steam. As opposed to the moist heat derived from hot rocks and water produce, dry saunas are more of dry heat.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are types of saunas that do not use the hot rocks; neither do they use water. There are infrared rays that keep you relax and cool. Several heaters installed in the room produces these rays. Infrared saunas are modern types of bathhouses.

Wrap up

No matter the city you move in or the one that you are revisiting, there is always a wide range of saunas you can visit!

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